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 Light Industrial
Clearwater Building, Post Falls, Idaho    Maximum flexibility and a minimum budget, located in an industrial park.
Plastic Model Engineering, Post Falls, Idaho
Small's Construction, Rathdrum, Idaho    Functional "Northwest" is popular.
Gorton Construction, Post Falls, Idaho   Functional Northwest design on a budget.
Centennial Distributing, Hayden, Idaho    "Beer is food," - meant to exude cleanliness, and efficiency.
Kimball Manufacturing, Post Falls, Idaho    At the Owner's request exaggerated scale makes this smaller industry player seem huge.
Tekmar, Liberty Lake, Washington    Assembled out of precast components, manufactured in Canada, to take advantage of unfavorable exchange rates for a Canadian client.
Palidash Building, Rathdrum, Idaho    On the site of the 1924 fire that devastated Rathdrum.  The building is meant to evoke that era and announce that the town "is back."
Jacklin Land Office, Post Falls, Idaho
Nut Factory, Liberty Lake, Washington    "Capture the fantasy of a candy factory."  And it must be Victorian.
Cedar Crossing, Spokane, Washington    "Make it a festive destination."
Mega Wash, Liberty Lake, Washington    "A house for cars."
Food Service
The Human Bean, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho    A northwest take on a stock plan.