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The Works Creative
NIC Workforce Training Center, Post Falls, Idaho     A professional-technical training facility situated in an industrial park.
Our Lady of Victory School, Post Falls, Idaho      A conservative, historicist design, for a traditional Catholic School.
P.O. Box 794  Rathdrum, ID 83858
t: 208.687.0300    e:
Opportunity Presbyterian, Spokane, WA     "We want it to look like a church, not a factory."
Mount Saint Micheal's, Spokane, WA    Our work was recognized by the Eastern Washington Historical Society.
Millwood Presbyterian, Spokane Valley, WA    CE Building caught between a beloved Scandinavian Modern Sancturary and a rail line in a historic town.  "Make it fit."
Post Falls Fire Station, Post Falls, Idaho    "Can you design something on half the budget the other architect said he needed?"
Spokane Valley Fire Training Center, Spokane, Washington    "Affordable, efficient, residential-looking."
Health Care
Spirit Lake Family Dental, Spirit Lake, Idaho    "A small town rural dental clinic on a tight budget.
River City Physical Therapy, Post Falls, Idaho    "Make it fun."
F&M South HIll Branch, Spokane, Washington    A branch bank nestled amidst stately brick homes.
   P.O. Box 794  Rathdrum, ID 83858
t: 208.687.0300    e:
A Science Technology and Research (STAR) Center north of Rathdrum, Idaho.  Simple schematic forms representing geometric formulas, with an interweaving of natural and highly technological materials.
Jaclklin Science and Technology Building, Post Falls, Idaho  Meant to feel like a cross between hi-tech and a state fair, for the new signature research building named for a distinguished family
East Park Wallace, Wallace, Idaho    Wallace's historic Brick Architecture on a challenging site.
Twin Lakes Restroom, Twin Lakes, Idaho    Like a cottage in the woods, something you stumble on, not something that stands out.
Veterans Administraton Mental Health Building Addition, Spokane, WA